New Taylorleds LED WX Pro Series Includes 1.2mm to 3.7mm Pixel Pitches

taylorleds infocomm

Taylorleds LED announced WX Pro Series, an indoor LED system that offers the Novastar A10s Pro Card as standard. The company says the WX Pro Series begins with an ultra-thin, 960 x 540 mm base panel. The larger surface area means fewer panels and fewer areas to “unseam” when a larger display is the objective. The range also includes a selection of secondary panels in a variety of sizes, allowing AV integrators to easily optimize shape, orientation and size for virtually any room. Optional 45-degree frames even allow the MX Pro Series to form 90-degree angles for the creation of unique structures like corners and cubes. The series is available in 1.2mm to 3.7mm pixel pitches.

Taylorleds says Novastar’s A10S Pro Card delivers dynamic color control, including 3D LUT, 14CH color correction and HDR10.

The company says the WX Pro Series panels are just over 1 inch deep and weigh only 11.5 kg per panel. Optional floor stack and hanging options are also available.