New Security Plus II Large Format UPS Line from SurgeX to Launch at CEDIA Expo

AMETEK Electronic Systems Protection (SurgeX) just introduced its new Security Plus II Large Format Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) line, which will debut at CEDIA Expo in SurgeX booth #3643.

The new UPS line is equipped with an isolation transformer and uses double-conversion technology to provide clean, continuous, and reliable power to AV systems, ensuring peak performance even in conditions with backup generator power or in areas with common short-lived power outages. In the event of an outage, the Security Plus II UPSs can power systems until alternate power is engaged to allow for safe shutdown and prevent lockup that would require a hard reboot.

The Security Plus II UPSs were designed for ultra-quiet operation, plus increased efficiency with the 1.0 power factor, and an energy saving ECO mode. For smoother installation, the UPSs also include an easy-view LED display panel for easy configuration, front access serviceability and hot-swappable batteries allowing the unit to stay online during maintenance to keep the connected system running without interruption.

The SurgeX Security Plus II Large Format UPS line is available in models ranging from 10,000 volt-amps (10kVA) to 20,000 volt-amps (20kVa) and is now available to order. Here are all the specs.

See it in action in this short video: