New QSC Q-SYSTM Ecosystem Control Plug-In Now Available for Clockaudio Trackable Intelligent Microphone

clockaudioClockaudio has announced the availability of a new QSC Q-SYSTM Ecosystem Control plug-in for the company’s Trackable Intelligent Microphone (TIM-1000).

The Q-SYS plug-in enables the features of TIM-1000 to be controlled through the Q-SYSTM software-based audio, video and control ecosystem from QSC. This plug-in will be available through the Asset Manager portal within the Q-SYS Designer Software. Facilitation of the control programming and interface for the new plug-in was done by control programming and software development experts, Control Concepts.

The addition of the Q-SYS plug-in simplifies integration of the TIM-1000 into Q-SYS and further enhances the setting controls for TIM-1000. This provides users with additional visual cues and performance options for the microphone. These cues can be customized to specific colors (such as the colors of a brand) or can be programmed to let meeting attendees know when a mic is muted or in an alternate state. It can also be programmed to signal specific events, such as when a phone is ringing or to remind attendees that a meeting is coming close to its end.