Q-SYS Launches its Technology Partner Program, Offering Certified Integration to Q-SYS Platform

December 6, 2022

Q-SYS launches its Technology Partner Program with integration partners representing a growing list of Q-SYS plugins. As part of the program, plugins will receive endorsement badges indicating they have been verified or certified and offer integration with the Q-SYS Platform. These partners now have access to the Q-SYS Technology Partner Hub, a centralized portal with […]

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New QSC Q-SYSTM Ecosystem Control Plug-In Now Available for Clockaudio Trackable Intelligent Microphone

December 16, 2020

Clockaudio has announced the availability of a new QSC Q-SYSTM Ecosystem Control plug-in for the company’s Trackable Intelligent Microphone (TIM-1000). The Q-SYS plug-in enables the features of TIM-1000 to be controlled through the Q-SYSTM software-based audio, video and control ecosystem from QSC. This plug-in will be available through the Asset Manager portal within the Q-SYS […]

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Clockaudio’s TIM-1000 Takes the Stage

June 15, 2019

Clockaudio just introduced a Tracking Intelligent Microphone, the TIM-1000. Streamlining and elevating a new standard for huddle rooms, conference rooms and videoconferencing facilities, the flexibility and adaptability of TIM-1000 will enable the microphones within the space to track the person that is speaking and follow that person anywhere in the room. The concept behind TIM-1000 […]

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NYDSW: NEC Display Partners Introduce Their Signal Processing Solutions at the New York Showcase

November 4, 2016

At the New York Digital Signage Week, several manufacturers presented their signal processing solutions and integration with NEC at the NEC New York Partner Showcase. Green Hippo showed off its AViary range of dedicated installation products. Datapath introduced the iolite controller and and wall control software. Atlona talked about their soft codec integration transmitter and […]

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Clockaudio to Demo Retractable, Motorized Ceiling Tri Element Hanging Microphone Array

May 31, 2016

Designed for audio or video conferencing, the new Clockaudio CCRM4000-C303 offers a new option when specifying hanging microphones that need to be completely retracted when not in use. The CCRM4000-C303 is optimized for speech intelligibility and features three high quality Cardioid capsules that cover a 360 degree pick up pattern, with each independent capsule being […]

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Clockaudio Launches Retractable, Motorized Ceiling Tri-Element Array Hanging Microphone

May 11, 2016

Clockaudio just introduced a new combination product, the CCRM4000-C303W-RF Retractable, Motorized Ceiling Tri- Element Hanging microphone array. Designed for audio or video conferencing, the new product offers consultants, integrators and designers a new option when specifying hanging microphones that need to be completely retractable. The CCRM4000-C303W-RF is optimized for speech intelligibility and features the same […]

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Clockaudio Launches Tri-Element Array Hanging C303-RF Microphone

May 21, 2015

Clockaudio’s newest is their C303-RF Tri-Element hanging microphone array. Designed for audio- or video- conferencing, the C303 offers consultants and designers a new option when specifying hanging microphones in applications. This new product features three high quality Cardioid capsules covering a 360 degree pick up pattern. Each independent capsule is RF immune, will capture approximately […]

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Clockaudio Ships Retractable Motorized Ceiling Microphone CCRM4000

April 29, 2015

Clockaudio is now shipping its CCRM4000 Retracta Motorized Ceiling Microphone. Designed for use in boardrooms, conferencing and nearly any audio conferencing application, the CCRM4000 offers an alternative to installations that can’t have any microphones on the table, but still need high quality sound. The unit comes virtually pre-assembled and allows you to bring the microphone […]

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