New Crestron DM-DGE-200-C Claims Simple Meeting Room Solution

a-DM-DGE-200-C-0816Crestron announced today it is now shipping its new DigitalMedia DM-DGE-200-C, designed to be a simple meeting room solution for multiple applications. It offers auto-switching between HDMI and 4K/60 DM input (4:2:0), auto-display on/off, and H.264 decoding, IR control and direct connectivity to Microsoft Exchange and Crestron Fusion Cloud via the LAN port. And, the DM-DGE-200-C has a built-in graphics engine to generate custom welcome screens and messaging.

A web-based setup tool built into the DM-DGE-200-C allows it to connect directly to Microsoft Exchange to show the room’s availability on the room display, or detailed meeting information, including the organizer’s name, subject of the meeting, start time, and the duration of the meeting. During the meeting, the room calendar information, including a countdown clock to show the time remaining, can be displayed over the presentation video. The DM-DGE-200-C also connects directly to Crestron Fusion Cloud enterprise management service using the web-based setup tool.

Here are all the specs.