New Chief Outdoor Mount Options Coming to InfoComm

Chief is expanding its outdoor mounts to include solutions for ceiling and pedestal display installations. The new mounts are built to withstand rain, humidity and ocean air, sun exposure and high winds. An included wind deflector provides an additional layer of defense to protect technology that may not be designed for wind exposure.

Tilt range of -5 to +20 degrees has set locking points to eliminate guesswork when adjusting multiple displays. Chief outdoor ceiling and pedestal mounts are available for displays up to 250 lbs (91 kg) with a max VESA pattern of 800×400 millimeters, depending on the chosen solution. Options are available for single display, side-by-side and back-to-back configurations.

Each part of the system features weatherproof design, including outdoor-rated finishing, galvanized plating and stainless steel hardware. They pair perfectly with many outdoor-rated displays. Chief’s outdoor mounts are made to withstand the effects of UV/sun exposure, rain, humidity and ocean air. This prevents aesthetic problems like a chalky appearance to the metal or rust that can spread to damage the underlying architecture.

The columns are designed to flex under extreme wind loads. By engineering the system to avoid catastrophic failure, the mount mitigates potential damage to facilities. Columns provide 12″ of adjustment ranges at 1″ increments and are available up to 6’ for ceiling installations and 8’ for floor installations.

The system comes in three pieces, the mount, column and plate. This allows for better customization to fit the particular installation requirements. The four-step installation process keeps each piece separate for a safer, more manageable lifting load. The plate is fastened using two oversized holes, allowing the remaining holes to be used as a drilling template.

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Here are all the specs.