Key Digital’s Enterprise AV Over IP KD-IP1080TX and KD-IP1080RX Deliver Digital Video Over IP Signage Solutions

Key Digital introduces KD-IP1080TX and KD-IP1080RX, an HDMI over IP encoder and decoder with support for PoE (Power over Ethernet). To keep up with the growing trends, integrators are pushing to update and incorporate video over IP digital signage, creating new environments and scenes. End-users love their results with vivid digital content for their targeted information, entertainment, merchandising and advertising. With KD-IP1080 extender sets, Key Digital provides the highest flexibility and a user-friendly control for those looking for a more flexible digital signage distribution system. Key Digital’s IP transmitter and receiver were designed to build an entire video infrastructure using Managed Network. With Power Over Ethernet (PoE), power can be carried to Tx and Rx units with a PoE enabled Network Switch, thus ensuring the ease of integration that integrators expect from Key Digital products.

From the largest sports arena or terminal to the coziest restaurant or church, Key Digital’s KD-IP1080TX and KD-IP1080RX meet the AV over IP demands of venues while setting the tone for each property. Using these devices within the Key Digital ecosystem enables up to 1024 transmitters to be connected with unlimited receivers operating on the same network, which also enables a great degree of scalability, depending on the size of the system requirements. With this system HD video is transmitted from the HDMI input on the transmitters over Ethernet at only 15Mbps for high-quality video streaming. These signals can be reliably sent up to 800′ (400’ into network switch or 800’ out of network switch) using CAT5e/6 UTP/STP cable, and since the entire system exists on a network, every component can be configured and controlled over an intuitive software interface or with the free Key Digital app on iOS devices to enrich operator flexibility. For larger video installations, multiple units can be mounted in a rack using optional KD-RK-SMS16 rack hardware.

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This quality built unit has been designed to connect and receive HDMI signals through a network IP switch or point-to-point connectivity. It features H.264 compression standards that are ideal for large video distribution applications, as well as low bandwidth systems that support managed 100BaseT or Gigabit network switches. AV over IP systems can be scaled virtually infinitely to fit any installation size, and additional units can be added to expand your HDMI over IP setup, with a possible 1024 Transmitters being added on and unlimited amount of receiver units. Featuring the Key Digital KD-IP1080TX AV over IP Transmitter Range Extender.

Using a Power over Ethernet enabled smart managed switch users can carry power to Transmitter and Receiver units. Alternative Extension Methods enabled by low bandwidth data streaming technology include a Wi-Fi Extender up to 100′, and IP over coax up to 1000′. This Key Digital AV over IP Transmitter will support resolutions up to 1080p@60 (2.25Gbps) and is compatible with DVI 1.0, HDMI, HDCP, with a data stream bandwidth less than 15Mbps. Using CAT5e/6 UTP/ STP signals can be extended up to 400′ at the 1080p@60 resolutions. Additionally this transmitter will support HDMI pass-through.

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