New Architectural Speaker Line from ELAN Finally Ships

awards elios 0409

awards_elios_0409ELAN’s new Elios Speaker Line of 19 high-performance in-wall and in-ceiling architectural and cinema speakers is now shipping to dealers, finally.  Developed from the ground up, ELAN says this line was designed by consulting custom integrators about what they wanted to see in an Architectural series of products, ELAN claims that Elios incorporates never before used technologies and one-of-a-kind mechanical designs into its entire line of speakers.  In addition, each Elios speaker is voiced in multiple real life-listening environments and installations, and over 100 select dealers pre-auditioned Elios Speakers in March during a limited “Audition Phase” for the product line.

ELAN says that an industry first among the array of Elios innovations is its new hybrid tweeter design, which gives Dealers and listeners a best of both worlds scenario.  The design bonds a titanium / aluminum nano coating to a teteron dome substrate delivering the high frequencies, precision, speed and transient response of metal tweeters with the desirable smooth and silky sound of soft dome tweeters.  Also unique to Elios is a completely new and improved drywall leg clamping system, which will provide Installers with the fastest, easiest, most reliable and trouble-free installation of any speakers on the market today.

Here’s a video you can watch that shows the new clamping system.

If you’re interested in the Elios line, learn more about it here.