CEDIA Establishes Product Hall of Fame

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CEDIA developed the Product Hall Of Fame to show the heritage of the residential electronics industry and track the progression of product development and technology.  In the first-ever induction (to be held at CEDIA EXPO 09 in Atlanta, they picked 8 products:

ADA’s System 56:  Audio Design Associates (ADA) introduced its first Multi-Zone/Multi-Room System 56 in 1977. System 56, a six-source system, expandable to up to thirty zones, is the world’s first multi-zone A/V system. System 56 was a comprehensive system featuring mainframe components, keypads and accessories. Most systems are still fully operational today.
AudioControl’s SA-3050:  Their SA-3050 Real Time Analyzer was the first to put acoustic analysis into the hands of custom installers, and injected confidence and credibility into the trade.
Crestron’s SmarTouch TM STS:  SmarTouch TM STS was the first wireless RF control system ever introduced to the market. STS was offered at a breakthrough price, making integrated touch panel control truly affordable for the home market for the first time. It was also one of the first color touch panels.


JBL’s Synthesis System:  The JBL Synthesis One was the world’s first complete, integrated multi-channel audio system designed specifically for custom installation home theater. The Synthesis One was created to deliver extraordinary performance and sonic realism, and was the first system that enabled custom calibration to deliver optimum performance in any room.
Jensen’s ISO-MAX Stereo Audio Isolator:  The ISO-MAX line was a simple in/out audio ground isolator that solved hum and buzz problems in audio systems.
Lutron’s HomeWorks Lighting Control System:  Still being manufactured today, the Lutron HomeWorks system controls lights individually and as a group to create lighting scenes. HomeWorks can be installed in new or existing homes using Lutron’s proprietary RF technology and is customized to each home and its owners.
Runco’s ASC-IV Aspect Ratio Controller:  First produced in 1991, the ARC-IV offered wide-screen TV in the home before there was HD.  It was six to seven years ahead of its time.
Sonance’s 1 In-Wall Speaker:  The Sonance 1 in-wall speaker was the fist in-wall in the HomeAV market.  Lambasted by its competition, it was a hit with the integrators as it offered a cleaner look than surface mount for many installs.  Eventually, as you all know, most speaker manufacturers copied the idea.