NEP Screenworks Unveils 1×1-Meter X7-HD LED Display for Staging

NEP-Screenworks-X7HD-LEDDisplay-0314NEP Screenworks has introduced the new X7-HD LED display solution — a custom-designed and purpose-built video display that’s a rugged 1-square-meter LED display panel. They can be quickly arranged in almost any configuration in indoor or outdoor events.

Units in the X7-HD are framed into square modules with 16,384 pixels per module. Each pixel on the video display panel consists of red, green, and blue in an SMD LED for wide-angle viewing without color shift. According to NEP, development of the X7-HD focused on building lighter, more compact panels that take up much less space during transport and require less time and work during setup, making it possible to deploy extra-large screens rapidly. While standard X7-HD modules share common dimensions, the new solution gives NEP and its customers the ability to repackage LED units in panel sizes tailored for specific productions or presentations.

Full specs are here.