MAXHUB Is a New Take on LED


Maybe a 98-inch display in your boardroom just isn’t big enough. Maybe a projector just isn’t bright enough. Maybe your customer won’t sign off on a custom LCD video wall, even with the thinnest of bezels.

MAXHUB, an all-in-one, integrated LED display terminal, could be your solution.

If you perked up a little reading this, there’s more good news. The first shipment of MAXHUB, currently the number-one LED display product in China, has officially landed in the United States — for the first time ever. And there’s only one U.S. distributor you can get it through: HD Distributing.

Debunking the Myth That LED Is Complicated

LED is no longer just for outdoor applications. It has moved (and continues to move) indoors. These environments — places where you wouldn’t have seen LED a decade ago — include corporate lobbies, exhibition centers, lecture halls, houses of worship, command and control centers, and even multifunctional conference rooms.

There’s a reason LED is growing. As it drops down in price — an expected trend as technology matures — LED is also giving AV integrators and dealers more flexibility.

But for LED to make sense in these applications, there’s got to be clear value. LED, to date, has been much more complicated than LCD. Most LED is fully custom, and there are still a lot of what-ifs.

But if the biggest problem with LED is complexity, why not solve for what makes it so complicated?

MAXHUB gets to the core of one of the biggest barriers to entry: that LED is too complicated to install and integrate with existing systems. Its value, then, is clear; MAXHUB takes LED, which has historically been seen as more complex than LCD and projection, and makes it simple.


With MAXHUB, everything truly is all in one. The product is just one SKU, so it’s a whole lot simpler (and much easier to sell and spec) than customized LED setups. The all-in-one benefit makes it easier for the integrator — they don’t have to “design” an indoor LED display system, a system they haven’t created before, because it’s already done for them.

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Whereas a system like this is typically done in piecemeal and would require 10 to 15 SKUs (one for each LED panel, one for the processor, a few for all the cables and adapters, the collaboration software license, etc.), MAXHUB doesn’t require any additional parts. For lack of a more eloquent expression, it’s pre-packaged LED (where, mind you, pre-packaged is actually a good thing).

Design-wise, MAXHUB is beautiful, with a 160-degree wide viewing angle horizontally and vertically, so there isn’t a bad seat in the house. MAXHUB is designed to match the resolution — 1080p at a 16×9 aspect ratio — that rooms and devices are already using. In this setup, it allows users to share wirelessly (supporting up to four devices, which can mirror simultaneously).

If you’re doing your due diligence, you’ll ask about complementary products. Along with MAXHUB, HD Distributing carries LED solutions for signal distribution, control, video wall processing, software and mounting — so that you can guarantee success in a finished project.

By being all in one, MAXHUB takes the complexity out of it. It meets the demand of customers who want better, bigger and brighter. But it still makes it easy for the dealer to spec and sell because, again, it’s just a single SKU.

Bigger, Better, Brighter

Customers are big on the wow factor. But if they’ve only seen LCD or projection, the won’t know how much better it can get. But dealers and integrators do. So when a projector just isn’t bright enough, and LCDs don’t meet your size demands, turn to MAXHUB, a new take on LED.

Aside from deciding what size MAXHUB you need (the product starts at 110 inches and goes up to a staggering 220 inches), the only thing to customize is whether to mount it on the wall, suspend it from the ceiling, or use a mobile foot stand for added flexibility.

See the full specs for MAXHUB, and get in touch with HD Distributing for more information.