Nanolumens Unveils New Integrations to the Engage Pro Series of LEDs

nanolumens pro series leds

Nanolumens announced new enhancements to the Engage Pro in preparation for InfoComm 2024. The company says these new features, aimed at improving compatibility and user experience, complement Engage Pro’s flip-chip COB MiniLED technology, delivering high contrast and high-performance visuals to the Engage Series.

Nanolumens says the latest enhancements to Engage Pro include integration with Megapixel and Novastar processing technologies. The Engage Pro’s integration with Novastar, including the customizable modular card-focused H Series, offers flexibility in managing inputs and outputs. The scalability of the H Series minimizes rack space while maximizing performance, enabling the sharing of processors for multiple video walls, according to the company.

Additionally, Nanolumens says the Engage Pro integrates with Megapixel VR’s HELIOS to enhance flexibility in inputs and outputs. Utilizing the latest 8K and HDR formats, HELIOS drives screens with visual impact in a compact 1RU space, efficiently managing rack space and offering users a versatile solution for their display needs. Nanolumens says this integration addresses the evolving needs of various industries, including government, aerospace and defense, with TAA compliance and support for SMPTE 2110 standards. By incorporating these solutions, Nanolumens says it empowers users with versatility and performance, ensuring optimal display quality and functionality across various applications.

One of the key highlights of the Engage Pro is its eco-friendly design, which prioritizes energy efficiency without compromising brightness or quality. Nanolumens says its displays are engineered to consume significantly less energy per square foot compared to conventional digital displays, reducing environmental impact while delivering exceptional visual experiences. Nanolumens also says its displays are composed of up to 50% reclaimed materials and are completely recyclable, emphasizing the company’s commitment to eco-friendly technology.