MSolutions Can Extend USB-C in UCC and Classroom Applications


MSolutions just launched a new USB extender kit that expands bandwidth capabilities for users inside meeting spaces, classrooms and similar AV environments. Available immediately, the new MS6U41A USB Extender Kit addresses emergent requirements for USB transmission. It is among the first to extend both a USB-C data source and four USB 3.0-compatible devices, including PTZ cameras, over distances up to 330 feet (100 meters) through a single network category cable.

The MS6U41A has bidirectional audio and additional data transmission capabilities that can pass two audio channels between the transmitter and receiver in either direction, while RS-232 serial passthrough and bidirectional Power-over-Cable features support USB peripheral extension and remote connectivity for USB-based videoconferencing systems. This makes the MS6U41A an ideal all-in-one solution wherever USB transmission is useful, most notable in corporate and education environments.

In addition to cameras, the MS6U41A’s USB 3.0 compatible extension capability support touch screens, smartboards, hard drives, gaming controllers, USB audio devices, printers, scanners and HIDs (Human Interface Devices). Its four channels USB 2.0 channels offer USB 3.0 compatibility for KVM connectivity of multiple USB devices across the link. The all-in-one value proposition is strengthened through a plug-and-play deployment that requires no external software or drivers.