Mitsubishi Integrates VUDU Into Entire LCD Line

MitsubishiVUDU-0110At CES last week, Mitsubishi announced that their entire line of Internet-enabled televisions in 2010 will be integrating VUDU Apps, a platform for the delivery of Internet entertainment services.  The lineup of VUDU Apps on Mitsubishi televisions will feature the VUDU Streaming Movie Service, the leading HD on-demand movie service available today, which is currently supported on select Mitsubishi Unisen Immersive Sound televisions.

Mitsubishi’s 2010 line of Internet-enabled televisions will provide access to more than 100 Apps, ranging from news services to popular Internet sites, directly on its televisions via VUDU Apps.

Although none of them would go on the record, rAVe has been told by insiders at Sharp, LG and Samsung that they will also integrate VUDU into most of their lines in 2010.

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