Middle Atlantic Shows Pre-Configured Rack System

Mid Atlantic 0310

Engineered to simplify ordering and save installation time,Mid-Atlantic-0310 the RDR Series Residential Designer Rack from Middle Atlantic Products is a new aesthetic option for integrating small to medium-sized home entertainment systems.  These single part number racks are factory-configured and ship completely loaded with the essential accessories to support and protect the equipment installed within.

Included with each RDR Series rack are vented shelves and panels for optimal airflow, built-in cable management facilities for proper performance and easy servicing, and a filtered, surge-protected power strip.  In addition, it ships with trim strips and hidden casters to enhance its aesthetic design, as well as 4-point mounting shelves pre-installed for quick equipment integration.

Again, like Runco, a good way to differentiate themselves from all the other rack companies out there – customized, pre-configured rack systems.  Congratulations, Middle Atlantic.

Check them out here:  http://www.middleatlantic.com/enclosure/sa/rdr.htm