First “Field-Terminatable” HDMI Cable-Mount Connector?

BTX Technologies claims to BTX10_BTX-HDMI2830M_A4-0310have what they call “the industry’s first field-terminatable HDMI cable-mount male connector.” And yes, they are claiming rights to the word “terminatable” to help describe the device that they say allows installers to create custom length HDMI assemblies of up to 39 feet at resolutions of 1080p with 12-bit deep color.

According to BTX, this HDMI 1.4 compliant connector is terminated through the insulation displacement connection (IDC) process, which requires only a blade and a HDMI hand tool, and can easily be accomplished with minimal training or skill. IDC technology works by mechanically forcing an un-stripped conductor into a v-shaped metal blade. The opening of the v-shaped metal blade is smaller than the diameter of the conductor that is being inserted. This causes the blades to spread open and expose the bare copper to the terminating blades, which makes for an extremely secure and reliable connection.

Want more information?  Good luck — there’s nothing on their website except line listings of the items (the bulk cable, the tool and the connector):