MediaMatrix Releases nWare 3.0 Update — Expanding Integrations, Interoperability


MediaMatrix announces the release of nWare 3.0. With this release, MediaMatrix expands its integrations within the Peavey Commercial Audio product line and beyond. nWare 3.0 offers integrated compatibility with the Visionary Solutions DuetE-2 Encoder and DuetD-2 Decoder, enabling real-time video streaming with embedded monitoring and control functionality.

The nWare 3.0 release also includes Crest Audio Tactus. Control surface interoperability for live music control, embedded support for RAVENNA-AES67 discovery and routing control, as well as updates to the MediaMatrix Kiosk2Go control interface software. Overall, nWare 3.0 is an update that allows professionals in various industries to streamline their media workflows, providing them with advanced tools for efficient control and configuration of audiovisual content.

nWare 3.0 brings expanded compatibility to the forefront by fully supporting the new MediaMatrix SCION media and control processor, along with the “S” series of input/output interfaces, control processors and touch screens. This integration provides a seamless and comprehensive solution for media configuration, offering users increased connectivity options and sophisticated control capabilities.

Another integration is Visionary Solutions’ DuetE-2 Encoder and DuetD-2 Decoder, which enables seamless real-time video streaming with embedded monitoring and control functionality within MediaMatrix nWare and Kiosk2Go. Detached real-time audio streams from the encoders are routed to the MediaMatrix systems, processed, mixed, and seamlessly routed to any output audio source without loss and in perfect synchronization with the video picture stream. Notably, nWare 3.0 also ushers in a groundbreaking update for Kiosk2Go, which now offers a HTML5-based graphical user interface available for download on the Google Play and Apple App stores. These enhancements result in unprecedented control and visibility over media streams for an immersive and interactive multimedia experience.

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Expanding interoperability within the Peavey Commercial Audio family of brands, nWare 3.0 also offers seamless compatibility with Crest Audio’s Tactus.Control surface for live music or performance control capabilities. Users can now effortlessly manipulate audio parameters in real-time, delivering exceptional sound quality and elevating their live performances.

To further streamline operations, nWare 3.0 supports RAVENNA-AES67 discovery and routing control, adhering to MediaMatrix’s commitment to open standards. This integration facilitates seamless interoperability between MediaMatrix systems and other RAVENNA-AES67-enabled devices, allowing for enhanced flexibility and scalability in audio networking.