AV-over-IP Chip Company, ASPEED, Partners with Dante and Shows Off Video Wall System

ASPEEDASPEED Technology (the chip inside many AV-over-IP products out there) launched something called Smart AV application products, including the AST1530/1535 AV-over-IP high-definition Matrix Video Wall SoCs. The SoCs can be paired with ASPEED’s Cupola360 180-degree and 360-degree cameras, providing solutions for various applications such as smart patrolling for factory command centers and control rooms.

ASPEED Technology’s AV-over-IP SoC solutions utilize image compression algorithms, ensuring “nearly lossless” image quality even through long-distance network cables or fiber optic transmission, providing real-time response of low latency. Designed specifically for high-end professional audiovisual (ProAV) applications, the AST1530/1535 HDMI2.1 AVoIP SoC supports 4K2K60 high-definition resolution. It not only enables 1-to-1 AV long-distance transmission but also supports multi-input to multi-output 4K HDMI matrix through existing IP infrastructure.

During InfoComm 2023, ASPEED announced an alliance with Audinate for the AST1530/1535 AVoIP SoCs that can incorporate the Dante AV-A software solution, and the Dante audio software can operate directly on the AST1530/1535 AVoIP SoCs without any additional hardware requirements. This collaboration is a “win-win strategy” for both parties and has already been adopted by major international audiovisual industry leaders, according to ASPEED. The AST1530/1535 AVoIP SoCs support HDR10/10+ Dolby Vision and HDCP2.2/2.3 and provides various features such as multiscreen video wall splicing and rotation (CW 90/180/270 degrees, horizontal flip, vertical flip). Other features include MJPEG video preview stream, support for USB2.0 over IP webcam devices, KM over IP roaming, AES256 encryption and more.