Marshall Electronics Debuts POV Cameras With a New Optimized Sony Sensor

marshall electronics pov cameras

Marshall Electronics debuted new POV cameras developed around a new highly optimized Sony sensor. These new models should elevate the Marshall POV cameras to the next level of technology delivering improved video performance with cleaner, crisper images, greater pixel sensitivity and better color reproduction. Complementing the new sensors with high-end processors “further refines signal structure and enhances depth of remote adjust and match capabilities.”

The Marshall CV226 All-Weather Lipstick camera was the first model to make the upgrade and is now offered as the CV228 All-Weather Lipstick Camera. The CV228 has 3GSDI, remote adjust/match, swappable lenses and improved video performance. The camera also has the added ability for firmware updates to be performed in the field matching all other Marshall POV cameras. The new CV228 is also designed with additional cable reinforcement and flexibility to cater to the usual heavy use of these models. In the development timeline there will be several additional models making the switch to the new design, including the CV503 to the CV504, the CV506 to the CV508 and the CV344 to the CV348.

Marshall is also introducing two new POV camera models, the miniature CV570 and compact CV370 models, which add NDI|HX3 network capability with standard IP as well as SRT codecs. The Marshall miniature CV570 and compact CV370 will use the same lenses as other Marshall POV cameras and is equipped with the same new Sony sensors.