AUDAC Announces VIRO5 Series 2-Way Coaxial Loudspeaker

audac viro5

AUDAC just announced the new VIRO5 series, a 2-way coaxial loudspeaker with 8 Ohm and 16 Ohm variants and optional toroidal transformer modules. Available in black & white, this loudspeaker will blow you away with its powerful punch delivered in a compact package.

The VIRO5 combines a soft, silk-domed tweeter for smooth tonality with a 5” 2-way coaxial speaker driver to achieve coverage. This unique acoustical composition delivers clarity and surprisingly low-frequency response. With the VIRO5, you have 120W program power in any application.

Using the optional 70V / 100V line transformer enables the VIRO series to be used in low-impedance installations and in 70V or 100V systems. The transformer can be easily inserted by simply removing the back plate, ensuring the coaxial loudspeaker is ready to rock.

Crafted in high-grade aluminum with incredible attention to detail, the VIRO5 goes beyond aesthetics. It also provides superior acoustic properties thanks to its material stiffness and seamless surfaces that eliminate any distortion of your sound.

The complete aluminum constructions and stainless fasteners passed a 720 hours salt spray test to ensure it stands up in the most demanding environments. To further comply with the IP55 certification, AUDAC ensured that the front grill is water repellent and that VIRO is standard equipped with rubber cable grommets for fixed installation and optional Speakon connect. The VIRO5 stands up to humidity, rain, snow, limited dust, UV rays, and extreme heat or cold.

Here are the details: