LG Ships Super-Slim 55″ Monitor for Video Walls

lg-superslim-1015LG Electronics is shipping its slim (claiming it’s the slimmest in the world) LCD monitor with a bezel to bezel design at less than 2 millimeters (about 1/6th of an inch). Dubbed the VH7B series, it’s designed to be used in video wall applications and includes software that allows flexible configurations (up to a 15×15 matrix of 225 displays). It’s aimed at digital signage, but LG is also pushing it as a home entertainment option at CEDIA.

The entire line is 1920×1080 and will be available in various sizes — for now, the 55” version, 55VH7B, is the one that’s shipped. To address the challenges of matching color and brightness across all panels, LG has incorporated factory calibration tools that allow integrators to achieve an optimal image within what they say is 3 to 5 minutes per panel.
Each monitor includes LG’s webOS for its Smart Signage platform, which takes advantage of the built-in high-performance system-on-a-chip (SoC) that eliminates the need for an external media player in digital signage applications.