Orvito Ships World’s First Wi-Fi Enabled Touch Smart Switch Panel

orvito-smartswitchpanel-1015Orvito is shipping its first Wi-Fi-enabled Smart Switch Panel. The Orvito Smart Switch Panel allows control of all electrical home appliances from anywhere. And, like any control system, it allows for triggering presets, sensing motion and optimizing energy consumption. The Orvito Smart Switch Panel uses Wi-Fi and is retrofittable into existing electrical switch outlets. Orbit says its products require no additional wiring and it has the ability to integrate with other Orvito devices such as Surveillance Cameras, Life Safety Sensors and its Video Door Phone.

Orvito’s Smart Switch Panel captures data and usage patterns from devices, generates insights, and makes actionable recommendations to the user — a lot like the Nest thermostat does. And, by the way, it’s compatible with ALL other Wi-Fi based home products.