LG Electronics’ XE4F Now an HDBaseT-Enabled Outdoor Digital Signage Display


LG Electronics’ XE4F is now an HDBaseT-enabled outdoor digital signage display for all outdoor applications. LG, a co-founder of the HDBaseT Alliance, the cross-industry association tasked with promoting and advancing the HDBaseT standard. The LG XE4F provides a range of features to customers, including a slim and robust design, upgraded brightness even under strong and direct sunlight and easy customization to suit various external environments with no need for separate casing.

LG XE4F is a slim, lightweight and bright display, optimized for outdoor digital content connectivity, addressing a range of outdoor applications, such as retail, transportation, corporate and more. With HDBaseT, the LG XE4F supports the transmission of ultra-high definition video and audio, Ethernet, controls, USB and IR over a single, long-distance cable (for up to 100 meters /328 feet). HDBaseT is a plug-and-play technology.