Japanese Nursery School Picks TAURI Temperature Check Tablet to Monitor Students

GloryStarGlory Star announced that after experiencing stressful and time-consuming temperature checks that caused traffic jams and lack of proper social distancing in schools, the Sakura Nursery School in Japan selected the TAURI Temperature Check tablet. With a patent-pending, TAURI is a contactless tablet that instantly and autonomously screens the school’s 370 kindergarten students and doubles as a messaging/digital signage system.

“The response to TAURI has been extremely positive,” said Masahiro Hori, Sakura’s principal. “The children happily check their temperature every morning. The parents have said they’re glad that it has reduced the amount of time it takes to do checks, and teachers have one less job to do in the morning. In this aspect, they are back to their pre-COVID-19 work routine.”

TAURI combines Glory Star’s expertise of creating and programming commercial-grade tablet solutions with the leading sensor hardware to create a fast, worry-free, and healthy experience. Because TAURI is a tablet, it feels familiar and sets users at ease. A student simply walks up to the tablet, and it intelligently detects their face from up to 3 feet away. It automatically begins scanning. Results are delivered in less than three seconds. The tablet’s sensor and body heat algorithm ensure temperature accuracy with a tolerance of +/- 0.5 degrees Fahrenheit (+/- 0.3 degrees Celsius) and has a refresh rate of 64 hertz.

TAURI solved numerous impediments for Sakura. It eliminates the need for another person to perform scans and prevents any contact with skin. As a result, it helps the school adhere to social distancing measures while promoting clean surfaces. What’s more, the speed at which it detects helps the school prevent long queues of students and cars. Teachers, students and parents are able to proceed quickly with their day with no interruptions.

The solution’s temperature messages can also be customized. For example, when no temperature is detected, it gives users a visible reassurance. When a temperature is detected, it can be programmed to communicate not to proceed to class. This way, the school is able to lessen fears and guide parents to next steps quickly and efficiently. In addition, organizations have the option to use TAURI to detect if a person is wearing a face mask and subsequently issue an on-screen reminder. They can also choose to use the tablet’s facial recognition technology to ensure that all students were scanned.

For many schools, technology purchases need to provide long-lasting benefits to optimize budgets. With that in mind, Glory Star designed TAURI’s benefits to extend beyond a simple temperature check device. It functions as an affordable, easy-to-use digital signage screen, providing a long-term solution with a greater ROI. When the organization no longer needs to scan temperatures, the capability can be deactivated. The signage feature can continue to provide parents and students with important reminders, information or sponsor campaigns.

“Going to school is a vital part of our children’s lives and requires a safe, healthy, and stress-free environment,” said Cindy Cheung, chief commercial officer of Glory Star. “Sakura is a common example of the anxiety temperature checks can create and how schools can use TAURI to make the process a seamless, natural part of the day so students and staff can focus on learning.”