LG Business Solutions Commercial Displays at CEDIA 2016

lg_logoDALLAS, Sept. 16, 2016 – LG Electronics USA Business Solutions is demonstrating innovations in commercial displays – including the Dual-View OLED display, the 86-inch “Ultra Stretch” digital signage display and advanced videowall displays – for systems integrators and commercial installers attending CEDIA 2016.

Complementing the unveiling of the 77-inch class LG SIGNATURE G6 OLED TV for the luxury consumer market at CEDIA 2016, commercial displays highlighted in the LG booth (#5306) reinforce the company’s leadership in innovative display technologies, according to Clark Brown, vice president, digital signage, LG Electronics USA Business Solutions.

Dual-View Flat OLED Commercial Display

The new LG Dual-View Flat OLED display offers a space-efficient view to provide customers a two-sided media experience. With its very slim profile, measuring just 8.94 millimeters (0.4 inches), and three different installation options – ceiling suspension, wall-mount and floor stand – this unique flat OLED display allows integrators and end-users to plan the most efficient use in virtually any commercial space demanding a high-end display solution. The 55-inch class (54.64 inches measured diagonally) Full HD display has the unique ability to swap and mirror content on either side of the screen with a simple press of a remote control button.

LG OLED represents an entirely new category of displays that delivers an awe-inspiring picture with perfect blacks and incredible color, even from wide viewing angles unlike any LCD/LED display can deliver. With OLED, each of the screen’s pixels can be turned on and turned off. That delivers perfect blacks, creating an infinite contrast ratio and bringing colors to life like never before possible.

“Our new commercial OLED displays feature the unparalleled picture quality of LG’s award-winning consumer OLED TVs – hailed by industry experts as the pinnacle of display innovation,” said Brown. “With our new Dual-View Flat OLED Display, available now, CEDIA integrators will now be able to create a completely immersive and more engaging environment for their business customers.”

86-inch Ultra Stretch Digital Signage Displays

Exemplifying LG’s leadership in Ultra HD display technology, the 86-inch “Ultra Stretch” digital signage display (model 86BH5C) represents a unique solution for a wide array of commercial installations.

Twenty of these dramatic signage displays – each measuring over seven feet long and a foot wide – are flanking the entrance to the LG CEDIA booth. They feature immersive UHD resolution for displaying dynamic content, an amazing 58:9 aspect-ratio bar-type display and LG’s Picture-by-Picture technology, which allows the user to divide the long, rectangular signage in up to four seamless screens in landscape or portrait installations.

Offering integrators a range of customization options, the monitor supports lateral tiling by linking together 1×4 or 4×1 landscape or portrait installations, and up to a 4×4 installation with a daisy chain configuration. The LAN daisy chain allows users to control and monitor devices, distribute content and update firmware. These unique features empower users to customize the display to maximize content and impact.

LG’s 86-inch Ultra Stretch Signage monitor has a host of other features including LG’s SuperSign media editor, which offers users flexibility and full control of their content. The program allows users to easily edit images or video clips of original content without the need for additional editing programs – resulting in a seamless process for displaying and communicating content to the end user.

“At LG, ‘innovation for a better life’ means bringing to market signage displays that have never been available before for unique ways to address commercial customers’ needs,” Brown said. “Our 86-inch Ultra Stretch monitor is a prime example of state-of-the-art, fully customizable technology that can drive business and increase a client’s bottom line.”

Immersive Videowall Displays

Welcoming visitors to LG’s CEDIA 2016 booth is a dramatic videowall comprising 18 ultra-slim-bezel 55-inch class LG videowall displays in a 3×6 configuration. Brown said the VH7B series of direct back-lit LED displays “is redefining the videowall category with an amazingly slim bezel width (0.9 millimeters or 0.035 inches), allowing the displays to be connected seamlessly with each other to create a powerful and impactful image for an immersive experience that’s certain to capture any viewer’s attention.”

The VH7B videowall displays feature LG’s high-performance system-on-a-chip. It works with LG’s flexible webOS for Signage interactive platform that lowers the cost of ownership by eliminating the need for an external player. Each display features LG’s In Plane Switching (IPS) panel technology to ensure accurate color saturation and contrast, even at wide viewing angles, resulting in unparalleled picture quality. These lightweight and thin displays are designed for easier product installation and maintenance.

Compelling Smaller-Screen Options, Too

On a smaller-sized but equally compelling scale, LG is also showcasing small signage solutions at CEDIA 2016. Used in the LG booth to provide product information, the 10-inch (9.9 inches diagonal) 10SM3TB-B displays allow for simple and efficient power management.  Power-over-Ethernet allows the installer to connect the power and network using just one wire. Ideal for creative communication applications in supermarkets, convenience stores, meeting rooms and more, these small touch screens create an interactive experience for users, while delivering deliver crisp product information.

With an expansive digital signage portfolio, LG delivers solutions that elevate the end-user experience by seamlessly integrating high-resolution displays in retail environments, restaurants, hotels, airports, schools, churches, arenas and more. Of particular interest to CEDIA dealers targeting the SMB (small- and medium-sized business) market, LG’s “SuperSign TVs” offer an affordable all-in-one digital signage solution, available in 43- to 65-inch class sizes. With their built-in signage software, SuperSign TVs represent an easy-to-use, cost-effective digital signage solution for a wide range of SMB applications.