LAVNCH WEEK Digital Signage Day Tech Talk, “Programmatic Essentials for DOOH” with Ameet Shah — The Blog Version

Ameet Shah

By: Madelyn Welch and Leah McCann

Ameet Shah of Prohaska Consulting joined us today to talk about his two favorite topics: the first being programmatic buying and the second being digital out of home. 

With those two things as his favorite topics, we think we found the right speaker today for our LAVNCH WEEK Digital Signage Day tech talk, “Programmatic Essentials for DOOH.”

Fundamentals of Programmatic (and Why It Matters for DOOH)

Shah began by acknowledging that programmatic means different things to different people, but, fundamentally, programmatic means “automatic.” Programmatic buying enables us to bring data into our media-buying, to better target audiences and more. And it’s more scalable — programmatic buying (as opposed to traditional media buying) gives you the ability to interact with all the providers out there. 

Likewise, for AV integrators in digital signage, the appeal of digital out-of-home (DOOH) is to be able to offer relevant messaging to customers, where people can be more engaged — DOOH is a more compelling ecosystem. The good news for you is that DOOH is also now available programmatically. Programmatic buying for DOOH is still small, but gaining adoption and growing rapidly.

To go over successfully, programmatic DOOH should be an evolution as our sales and operations teams work together. Eventually, when sales and ops come together to support programmatic, you see the most successful results.

Best Practices for Programmatic Buyers and Sellers

Shah continued by discussing the importance of the data that DOOH provides both buyers and sellers. He covered measurement and attribution in terms of the marketing funnel.

Best Practices Best Practices 2

“DOOH enables marketers to target users throughout the user journey,” said Shah. The ability to understand that data becomes a critical piece in understanding how DOOH can lead to conversions.

The Dos and Don’ts of Programmatic

Two more great slides we loved from Shah’s talk: the dos and don’ts of programmatic (paired with an Arnold Schwarzenegger image that brought joy to our hearts.


  • Do optimize your programmatic buys, every day
  • Do look at pacing
  • Do set up separate advertising groups to get individual screens to “pace”


  • Don’t set it and forget it
  • Don’t forget to monitor “pacing” and delivery
  • Don’t forget to confirm creative is within the proper specs
  • Don’t forget to set delivery of programmatic ads to enough screens to scale

Why Now?

Now is the ideal time to become familiar with programmatic and practicing it in DOOH if you aren’t already, Shah explained. Why? 

  1. Marketers are ready 
  2. Publishers are eager
  3. Tech solutions exist
  4. Data is readily available

“Fully understanding that we’re in a different environment right now, we’re looking forward to when the current environment starts to loosen back up where we can get back out into the world and enjoy these beautiful screens,” said Shah. 

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