Kramer Unveils Revolutionary TBUS Line at InfoComm 2024

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Kramer, the leading company in audio-visual experiences, proudly announces the debut of its TBUS product line at InfoComm 2024. The TBUS introduces a new era of elegant tabletop connectivity designed specifically for modern meeting environments, combining advanced technology with user-centric design.

The TBUS product line redefines conference room connectivity with its easy-to-install, robust table-mount solutions that fit seamlessly into any meeting space. This innovative system simplifies the technology experience by integrating all connectivity needs into a single cable solution for charging, AV, and USB peripherals, enhancing meeting efficiency and reducing clutter. Featuring a sleek, small design that blends into meeting room aesthetics, the TBUS ensures that
workspaces remain neat and professional. Its components are installed and maintained from above the table, making upgrades and maintenance hassle-free and saving valuable time for IT staff.

Flexible and User-Friendly Design Kramer’s TBUS offers unmatched flexibility with its mix-and-match modules and a simple slide and lock mechanism, allowing users to customize their setup as needed. Designed with end-users in mind, the TBUS keeps tabletops tidy and enhances the functionality of meeting rooms without compromising on style or space.

“We are incredibly proud to introduce the new TBUS at InfoComm 2024. This product line is a testament to Kramer’s commitment to innovation and our focus on enhancing the user experience in professional settings, said “Amit Ancikovsky, Americas Regional President of Kramer.” The T-Bus embodies our mission to create seamless, integrated solutions that not only meet but anticipate the needs of our customers, ensuring that every meeting is as productive and hassle-free as possible. Kramer’s audio-visual experiences power creativity, collaboration, and engagement. From AVSM to advanced cloud-based communication, collaboration, and control solutions, Kramer creates audio-visual experiences that are more engaging, more inclusive, and more connected than ever before.

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Headquartered in the heart of Startup Nation – Tel Aviv, Israel, with locations around the world, Kramer’s audio-visual
experts are designing the future of engagement technology. Physical and digital boundaries have blurred, but no
matter how hybrid our world becomes, our desire for real, human connection will never cease.
Kramer’s intuitive, seamless technology breaks down walls, bridges gaps, and makes people feel closer together even when they’re far apart.