KLANG:technologies Debuts KOS 3.1 at InfoComm

KLANG:technologies has released a new OS (3.1) – adding a MIDI translator tool. This provides an MCU (Mackie Control Universal) protocol integration, which allows engineers to connect one or more MIDI MCU-compatible fader controllers to the company’s KLANG:app for tactile mix control. Designed for monitor engineers that want to dial into musicians’ mixes from a hardware-based controller, the new integration provides facilities for Mute and Solo buttons, Channel labels, Bank Select and Snapshot control, in addition to bi-directional fader control.

KOS 3.1 allows for daisy chaining of KLANG:fabrik and/or KLANG:vier devices into a hive of units functioning as a larger system. In this configuration, engineers can quickly move between various artists’ mixes within the cascade via the top mix bar, as well as create, save and recall snapshots and presets on all units in the setup simultaneously.

With KOS 3.1’s new master cue facilities, monitor engineers no longer need to use one mix for cueing into an artist’s mix, but can cue into the mixes of any unit in the cascade. This is accomplished by daisy chaining a cue output of a mixing console to the KLANG cascade and then choosing to listen to the KLANG cue or console cue.

Also, the newest OS increases the available channel count when working with EQs activated. And this software release is accompanied by a new Dante Firmware release for the new master cue routing, which now makes all KLANG products Dante Domain Manager (DDM) ready.

KOS 3.1 from KLANG:technologies is here.