PTZOptics and MIDI Association to Bring Configurable MIDI Control to the Line of PTZOptics Robotic Cameras

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PTZOptics and the MIDI Association are bringing fully configurable MIDI control to the line of PTZOptics robotic cameras. Starting with the PTZOptics 12X-NDI and SDI cameras, PTZOptics will roll out direct MIDI control to their current generation camera line via a free firmware update.

Users will be able to map camera commands including setting presets, call, pan, tilt, zoom in, zoom out, speed up and slow down to available keys on any MIDI device. Once configured, the MIDI controller can steer and control the PTZ camera from anywhere in the world via the Web MIDI API.

Owners of current generation PTZ 12X cameras can unlock MIDI control immediately by downloading and installing the latest camera firmware from the PTZOptics website in early June. MIDI control will roll out to all current-generation PTZOptics PTZ cameras by the end of 2022.

With fully configurable MIDI control, no other PTZ camera offers as much flexibility and pure fun as the PTZ 12X.

Find all the details here.