James Loudspeaker’s ISE Plans

James Loudspeaker designers and manufacturers of the highest quality décor-friendly entertainment products for both residential and commercial applications, will be showing the following products at ISE 2018, Booth 7-P205.

James Loudspeaker LR-S 2.1 sound bars produce left and right-channel audio as well as bass energy from a center-mounted built-in subwoofer. These LR-S format sound bars, which can be customized to match nearly any flat-panel display, are ideal for bringing clarity and full-range sound to applications where an external subwoofer is impractical. James Loudspeaker initially engineered the LR-S sound bar solutions based on market demand from commercial integrators seeking premium audio for boardrooms, conference rooms, lobbies, retail showrooms and nightclubs. Residential integrators also have adopted the LR-S format for bedrooms and other zones where a flat-panel TV is present but surround sound is not required. Currently available in the company’s SPL5, SPL6 and SPL8 Series sound bars, the LR-S versions offer high-output, superb clarity and bass extension below 60Hz from nearly any size form factor. The 2.1 configuration of the LR-S sound bars make them a perfect match to the James Loudspeaker A2.1 three-channel amplifier, which features onboard crossovers and independent controls for easy system calibration. James Loudspeaker LR-S sound bars are available now through authorized James Loudspeaker integrators. MSRP pricing starts at $3,500.

James Loudspeaker has added a revolutionary new product to their lineup of Small Aperture (SA) architectural speakers with the introduction of the 42SA-4 in-ceiling/in-wall two-way loudspeaker. The 42SA-4 is the most compact Small Aperture model, fitting easily into shallow wall or ceiling environments such as a 2×4 stud bay. But don’t let the size fool you—the 42SA-4 will fill any room with sparkling, clear entertainment including impressive bass response. The James Loudspeaker 42SA-4 is a valuable tool for professional integrators, architects and designers enabling them to deliver nearly invisible best-in-class audio in state-of-the-art spaces.

The James Loudspeaker 42SA-4 utilizes proprietary drivers including an aluminum 4-inch woofer and a 2-inch midrange/high-frequency module that combine to deliver outstanding room-filling full-range musical playback including clearly defined low frequencies all through a diminutive 3-inch opening. Custom integrators will appreciate the speaker protection circuitry built in to all SA models, ensuring the highest degree of reliability and performance for any application. Designed as the ultimate whole-house entertainment solution that fits anywhere and dramatically outperforms traditional in-ceiling speakers, James Loudspeaker delivers higher output capability, outstanding clarity, superb off-axis performance, unmatched durability and aesthetic perfection.

The James Loudspeaker Small Aperture lineup is a dream-come-true for integrators, designers and décor-conscious end-users looking for the highest possible performance from their entertainment system. There are now five available models of the Small Aperture loudspeaker featuring multiple enclosure sizes as well as 3-inch or 4-inch round or square grilles. Custom versions are also available to suit unconventional applications. To supplement bass response when necessary, the small aperture satellites can easily pair with a variety of James Loudspeaker subwoofer options designed with the signature Small Aperture aesthetic. The lineup includes two Small Aperture subwoofers and five models of James Loudspeaker’s revolutionary PowerPipe subwoofer that in many cases can be mated to SA-style grille solutions. When required, James Loudspeaker will custom engineer and manufacture a speaker to match a specific lighting fixture, woodgrain or vast array of standard and custom finishes. The Small Aperture family is a highly versatile, décor-friendly, high-performance entertainment solution enabling integrators to satisfy every client and earn valuable referrals.

James Loudspeaker has introduced three Omni Planter landscape speaker systems engineered for applications where in-ground solutions are not practical. Omni Planter speakers incorporate a down-firing subwoofer and deliver 360-degrees of sparkling clear entertainment.

All James Loudspeaker Omni Planter models cleverly accommodate a decorative plant of choice nestled into the top section of the all-aluminum powder coated loudspeaker enclosure available in an array of standard and custom colors. Typical applications for the Omni Planter loudspeaker include rock-scape areas or any other environment where traditional satellite/subwoofer combinations cannot be installed. The Omni Planters are also ideal for large open seating venues such as outdoor theaters that demand detailed and dynamic coverage as well as high-output. Custom colors and configurations are available, including units without rear-firing satellites when situated in a corner or against a wall. Sturdy, tamper-proof brackets and bolts make the Omni Planter ideal for commercial applications and for securing to solid surfaces such as concrete.

Three models to choose from:

  • Omni Planter 89AT4-P 3-inch satellites/8-inch subwoofer MSRP $2,400.00 (each)
  • Omni Planter 89AT70-P (premium 70-volt version) MSRP $2600.00 (each)
  • Omni Planter 109AT4-P 4-inch satellites/10-inch subwoofer MSRP $2,900.00 (each)
  • Omni Planter 109AT70-P (premium 70-volt version) MSRP $3,100.00 (each)
  • Omni Planter 129AT4-P 6-inch satellites/12-inch subwoofer MSRP $3,400.00 (each)
  • Omni Planter 129AT70-P (Premium 70-volt version) MSRP $3,600.00 (each)

James Loudspeaker Omni Planter loudspeakers are available now. Everything is here.