Infocomm Live 2014 – Day One

infocommliveWell, made it to Atlanta, after an evening of hiking through the Charlotte and Atlanta airports – two of the largest (read: longest) airports in the country. By the time I got here around 2am, I felt like I had walked to Atlanta.

Anyway, the event is just kicking off, and the venue is spectacular – with dolphins and sharks swimming behind us. By the time this event is over, I will have a stiff neck from trying to split my attention between the speakers and the fish, as well as trying to post information for all of you out there.

infocommlive-fishThe agenda this year is all about “The Power of Distinction”‘ or how to differentiate yourself and your company. To that end, they have done some interesting things. The speakers, well, we’ll see. It’s a tough group for speakers, because being from the rental industry, we see a LOT of speakers. But I don’t think we will be disappointed. The program is here:

Another interesting thing is what they are doing during breaks and off times. They have set up a “Digital Experts Bar”, where you rotate between stations with a photographer, a writer, and a number of social media consultants of different types, with the


goal being that by the time the event is over you will have dramatically improved your social media presence. This must be great validation for my friend Gary Kayye, who has been preaching this medium for several years now with his Social Media Blueprint.

Anyway, going to break for a little bit now, as our opening speaker is about to start. He is a former fighter pilot, complete with flight suit (which certainly differentiates HIM in a room full of people in various AV logo shirts)

More later