InfoComm 2022 Starts Tomorrow! These Are My Thoughts.

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Hello everyone! I feel like I was just writing to you all about InfoComm 2021, and now we’ve officially made it to #InfoComm22. I’m so excited to be here! There really is nothing quite like getting to run up to the people you’ve gotten to know quite well (thanks to videoconferencing) and talk in person!

rAVe has kicked off this week with an incredible amount of energy as always, and while I’m running around like my hair is on fire, I figured I would write out a few of my thoughts and things I’m looking forward to as we await the show floor opening tomorrow.

  1. Trade shows are NOT dead. Just so you guys know, I hosted a panel today BEFORE the show floor even opened and it was sold out. I’ve spoken to others who have had the same experience. We’ve missed being all together and we’re ready to be back walking the show floor, making relationships and meeting with potential business partners, clients, whatever. InfoComm 2022, in my opinion, will be the show that solidifies how our industry feels about in-person events.
  2. Education is key. You know AVIXA has absolutely filled the roster with incredible speakers, sessions and classes. I wasn’t able to make it early enough to take a class this year, and I am kicking myself! Be sure to check out all the sessions and extra goodness available. One of the best part of this show every year is that you have so many educational resources available at your fingertips.
  3. The tech! Hello!? Isn’t that what we’re here for? There have been so many incredible pieces of technology and solutions that have been released in the past couple of years and for a few manufacturers, this is their first time getting to demo them on a show floor. It’s like we’re a part of history — some of the first people getting live demos of so many things! I think that’s pretty cool.
  4. The convention center. I’ve walked all through the convention center so you don’t have to! But if you’re at the show, you probably will. This year, InfoComm is being held in the West and North halls of the Las Vegas Convention Center. The West hall is fairly new and is honestly one of the loveliest convention center experiences I’ve ever had. There’s so much natural light that it almost makes you feel like you’re outside. Minus the heat. That seems like something so small, but I’ve always disliked not getting to see the sun during trade show weeks. In the West Hall, you can! (Just make sure to time your walk from the North Hall if you’re coming from there — it’s a 10-15-minute trek.)
  5. The people! Oh, how I’ve missed all you #AVtweeps. There is something so special about our community and in my few years full-time at rAVe, I have been welcomed wholeheartedly by nearly everyone I’ve met. I’m so happy that I get to see you all in person!
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So, here’s to a wonderful InfoComm, a wonderful trade show and a wonderful week. Sorry if this is sappy — but I’m happy we’re back.

Viva Las Vegas!