HP | Poly Announces Updates for Suite of Solutions for Microsoft Teams Rooms

hp poly lens app studio base

HP | Poly announced the Poly Lens App for Microsoft Teams Rooms on Windows as well as the Poly Studio Base Room Kits for Microsoft Teams Rooms on Windows. The Poly Lens Room App for Microsoft Teams Rooms on Windows is a software solution designed to streamline device management for Microsoft Teams Rooms. Offering management and monitoring tools through the Poly Lens Cloud Admin portal, the app provides a “centralized view of your Microsoft Teams Rooms collaboration systems.”

HP Poly TC10

Poly Studio Kit for Microsoft Teams

Poly is also expanding its suite of solutions for Microsoft Teams Rooms. Poly Studio Kits for Microsoft Teams Rooms on Windows are room solutions for meeting spaces of all sizes, featuring an HP collaboration PC, a USB touch controller and a video bar or camera. Poly now offers two new Poly Studio Base Room Kits designed to be paired with various USB video conferencing solutions such as the Poly Studio USB, P15, R30 video bars and E70 camera to provide greater flexibility for Microsoft Teams Rooms. These new kits offer an alternative way to customize USB-based meeting rooms, simplifying the journey toward a native Microsoft Teams Rooms experience. Catering to diverse meeting space needs, the Poly Studio Base Room Kits come in two versions: one with a Category 5e Ethernet USB extender and another with a 10-meter active optical USB cable, both include an HP mini conferencing PC and a Poly GC8 controller.

Poly Studio X52

Poly Studio X52

The lineup now includes:

  • Poly Studio X52, a video bar equipped with DirectorAI smart camera technology, promises a top-tier collaboration experience for hybrid teams.
  • Poly TC10, can be used as an in-room controller for Microsoft Teams Rooms on Android, or as a scheduling panel to book a room or view availability.
  • Poly Voyager Surround 80 and 85 UC headsets, the first boomless headsets certified for Microsoft Teams Open Office.
  • HP 435 FHD Webcam, a portable device with 1080p resolution, automatic focus, and dual noise-reducing microphones.
  • HP 625 FHD Webcam, a Windows Hello compatible5 webcam equipped with AI enhancements and Full HD resolution.
  • HP 965 4K Streaming Webcam, with AI enhancements and up to 4K resolution6, is the perfect tool to stream, automate, and create. This webcam is expected to be certified for Microsoft Teams this quarter.