MS Teams Tracker: March 2024

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Welcome, readers, to this month’s Microsoft Teams Tracker article, where each month, I round up some of the latest and greatest updates to the application. Whether you’re an MS Teams user or you integrate tech that works with Teams, this will be a perfect monthly article for you to find all the information you might need. I will simply highlight a few of what I consider to be the most important to our industry. However, if you’d like a full, comprehensive list of these, scroll down and flip through the deck below. All updates from last month are listed there.

Without further ado, here are the notable Microsoft Teams updates for March 2024.

First of all, Microsoft Teams announced many updates at the one and only Enterprise Connect show in Orlando. A few of these updates include:

  • Microsoft Teams Phone
    • Voice Isolation
    • Teams Phone service level agreement with 99.999% uptime
    • Intelligent call recap
    • Queues app
    • Shared call history to call delegation
  • Microsoft Teams Meetings, Webinars and Town Halls
    • Intelligent meeting recap on mobile
    • Create collaborative notes before and after a meeting
    • Meet now in group chat
    • Copilot in meeting chat will access transcript and chat content (we’ll circle back to that)
    • “Manage what attendees see” updates
    • Duplicate an existing webinar or town hall for simplified event creation
  • Microsoft Teams Rooms and Devices
    • Autopilot for Teams Rooms on Windows
    • Join meetings with a QR code on Teams Rooms on Windows and Android (we’ll also circle back to that)
    • Speaker recognition and attribution to “unleash the power of Copilot”
    • Ability to change the language on Teams Rooms on Windows
    • Require meeting ID and passcode to join a Teams Rooms meeting
    • New shared display mode for BYOD meeting rooms
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Let’s talk about Copilot for a second. This is Microsoft’s AI assistant/chatbot. The replacement for the discontinued Cortana (RIP), it is able to give you a head start on your ideas. Or at least, that’s how Microsoft is branding it. But anyway, Copilot can be integrated into Teams in multiple ways, and will now be able to access your transcript and chat content so you can ask it for context . Copilot is also in the early stages of integrating into your Microsoft Teams Phone.

Also, a big update from March was that Teams now allows live translation of caption updates during Town Halls. This means organizers can select up to six languages for live translated captions and attendees can choose from these languages for a more inclusive experience.

Alright, next up. Let’s revisit the QR codes. You can now join a Teams meeting by scanning a QR code with your phone. This enters the companion experience with Teams mobile. This code can be used to join a meeting, quickly start an ad hoc meeting, or screen share. This will be available sometime during the first half of this year.

There is a new user interface for Teams Rooms on Android 2.2 that will match the look and feel of Teams on Windows so that users can have a consistent experience.

If you’d like to do a deeper read of the updates for March 2024, you can check out the slide deck below:

Thanks for reading! Keep an eye out for next month’s MS Teams Tracker!