Hitachi Adds CP-HD9320 and CP-HD9321 to DLP Projector Lineup

hiatchi-dlp-1114Hitachi America is introducing two new DLP projectors, the CP-HD9320 and CP-HD9321 — both with full HD 1080p (1920×1080) resolution and they’re designed for large auditoriums, conference rooms, museums, and concert or stage productions.

Hitachi’s new projectors provide six interchangeable lenses and brightness outputs up to 8,200 ANSI lumens. Two built-in color wheels enable users to easily switch between what they call a Rich Color Mode (higher saturated colors) and Bright Mode (full light output). Because, the CP-HD9320 and CP-HD9321 use a dual lamp system, if one lamp stops functioning during use, the second lamp continues to run and projects the image with no interruption. Twenty-four hours of continuous operation is possible with the Alternative mode, which alternates the use of the two lamps.

Hitachi’s CP-HD9320 and CP-HD9321 incorporate five digital inputs including 3G SDI for broadcast capability,HDBase-T, VGA, HDMI and video.

Here are each projectors specs CP-HD9320 and CP-HD9321.