Hitachi Details New DK-H700 4K Box Camera With HDR Support

hitachi dk h700

Hitachi is shipping its DK-H700 4K box camera with HDR support. The DK-H700’s design also includes “2/3-inch, RGB three-chips, 8.3 million pixel each CMOS sensors.” The DK-H700 is a multi-format solution that complies with ITU-R.BT-2020 wide color gamut specs and operates within REC BT2100 High Dynamic Range standards. These allow content creators to produce independent programs in a dual workflow configuration for both HDTV and/or UHD SDI output formats. The new DK-H700 has also added a ¼ ND filter to produce a shallow depth of field with iris opened, which will “add to artistic value and reduce the moire effect on video walls.” Hitachi says providing the ability to produce shallow depth of field, while also having 2/3” native global shutter sensors for maximum depth of field, offers the best of both worlds in creating a maximum artistic experience.