HighStreet Collective Evolves DSE’s Digital Experience Forum Toward the Broader Customer Experience

The experts at HighStreet Collective, a new Atlanta-based retail innovation consultancy co-founded by Laura Davis-Taylor and Ed King, have recruited among the brightest minds and creative thinkers for this year’s Digital Experience Forum at the Digital Signage Expo. The day-long program, titled “Digital Experience Forum: Winning with DX – A Summit For Future Success,” is built around a carefully curated set of speakers and topics from some of the world’s biggest brands and seasoned digital experience practitioners.

HighStreet Collective’s approach pivots this year’s Forum from a traditionally technology-focused event toward a more comprehensive focus on the customer experience, and the digital experiences that exist within. Attendees will walk away with insider knowledge and game-changing ideas sure to drive innovation through digital experiences, as well as a fresh perspective on how to speak the language of the chief marketing officers that have become the true decision makers.

As HighStreet Collective Co-Founder Laura Davis-Taylor explains, the customer experience represents a very broad ecosystem of design and innovation to drive consumer engagement. While digital experiences such as digital signage are an integral part of that ecosystem, she notes the time has long passed to look beyond hardware and software, and toward a grander vision that will drive consumer engagement — and new business.

“Location-based experiences as we have grown accustomed to have been fully disrupted, and as an industry we need to evolve our understanding of how to thrive in this new world order,” said Davis-Taylor. “This year’s Forum will arm attendees with the insights they need to win business, and truly elevate the digital experiences that live inside that broader customer experience.”

The Forum, which takes place March 27 at the Las Vegas Convention Center (Room S225), kicks off at 8am with a keynote presentation from Phillip Raub, President of b8ta, Inc., the technology retailer that boldly states: “Retail isn’t dead, it needs a revival.” Phillip’s presentation, “Meet Your New Client: The CMO,” will address what senior brand leadership is seeking when screening new customer-facing technologies; and how to pivot your pitch to win with marketing language versus technology talk.

Phillip’s keynote will be followed by a series of eight informative panels, presentations and workshops that will feature dynamic and respected speakers including RSR Research Managing Director Nikki Baird (The Emerging Engagement Toolbox) and Sublime Behavioral Marketing CEO Neale Martin (An Emotional Breakdown: Deconstructing Dopamine for Dollars, co-presented with Ed King). A complete list of sessions with confirmed participants can be found here.

According to HighStreet Co-Founder King, the diverse lineup of sessions offers something for everyone coming to Digital Signage Expo. For example, he notes that systems integrators will find value in learning how to design experiences for omnichannel, while technology managers and end users will gain insight into emerging technologies that are sure to make a difference in digital experiences.

“These sessions are all tributaries to this main high level topic of the customer experience, and how to create experiences that will get people off the couch and into the store,” said King. “It’s about understanding cultures and people, navigating the realities of our industry, and ensuring that experiences lead to positive emotional experiences. This year’s Forum is a truly holistic approach, and we are thankful to partner with the Digital Signage Expo to bring this vision and opportunity to life.”

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