Hall Research Intros Economical USB and HDMI Extender

EX-HDU is what Hall Research calls an economical HDMI and USB extender comprised of a single-gang wall plate sender and compatible receiver. The product uses a single Cat5/6 cable up to 200 feet long. HDMI audio is extracted and is provided both as analog stereo and multi-channel digital. The receiver can also be used to control other equipment by providing programmable contact closure I/O, RS232 and IR outputs. Receivers with LAN connectivity are also available offering integrated user configurable WebGUI and IP control.

The patent pending wall-plate gets its power from the receiver via the same UTP cable and for convenience integrates a USB hub with two USB ports. The plug-and-play extender does not require driver installation and is compatible with all PCs, MACs and Android devices. The receiver provides HDMI video, stereo analog audio, four USB ports, IR emitter, terminal strip with RS232 output and four programmable digital I/O ports. A mini-USB port is also provided for uploading user defined configuration for applications where the Receiver is used as a room control system.

Users can upload RS232 commands to the EX-HDU to control other equipment such as turning a projector on and off. Commands can be triggered automatically by detecting video, activated manually via the buttons on WebGUI, or by sensing open and close contact events on the I/O ports. For example, a simple toggle switch can be connected remotely to activate RS232 or IR commands for turning projectors on and off. Each of the I/O ports can be configured to act as an input or output. When an I/O port is configured as output, it can be used to lower or raise a motorized projector screen.

Here are all the tech specs.