Hall Technologies Moves Headquarters to Texas

hall technologies logo

In an exclusive interview at CEDIA Expo 2021, Hall Technologies CEO Jason Schwartz told rAVe that the company is moving its headquarters from Tustin, California, to Coppell, Texas.

The company, formerly known as Hall Research, rebranded in January 2021 to “expand its legacy and elevate into new innovations.” The move, Schwartz said, is part of the rebrand.

“We’re going through and really changing every aspect of our organization,” Schwartz said. “So we’ve started — you’ve probably seen a lot of press releases on the people side … We’re trying to build a culture that has that mindset of ‘how do we go out and solve problems.'”

He also said that in order to build this culture, it would be easier as a company in the state of Texas than it is in California.

“We also want to be closer to our customer base,” Schwartz said. “Dallas is the center of the U.S.; it’s easy for us to get to the East Coast or the West Coast, so it really makes a lot of sense for us.”

Watch the full interview with Jason Schwartz here: