GLP Launches New Generation of X4 XL LED Lights

glp-xl-0714GLP’s next generation impression X4 XL LED moving head has 55 RGBW LED sources, each rated at 15 watts and each color matched to align across units. And with its quad color sources, the impression X4 XL offers a color pallet ranging from soft pastels to deep, strong saturated colors.

For effects across its face, the X4 XL allows for individual control of each of the 55 pixels, with a complete range of patterns built into the fixture as standard. Custom patterns can be programmed quickly and easily via a few DMX channels and recorded directly into the control desk. The X4 XL standard DMX mode uses just 26 channels with access to all functionality.

GLP says the optical system of the X4 XL has been designed to give even coverage of both color and intensity across its beam at all zoom ranges and doesn’t suffer from dark spots, remaining faithful to the core needs of a washlight and not sacrificing performance for gimmicks. And, the optical dimming performance of the X4 XL claims no color shift occurring during any part of the dimming process as an electronic shutter gives a wide and varied strobe effect up to 25 flashes per second, with built-in macros for ease of programming.

Finally, the impression X4 XL features 16-bit pan and tilt control, with 660° of pan and 260° of tilt movement, complete with feedback sensors to ensure positional accuracy at all times.

More information is here.