GLP Releases Streamer LED Light Source


GLP has released something called Streamer; a small LED light source with a sole purpose of presenting hosts, interviewees and collaborators in professional, studio type lighting with the ability to be fully remote controlled by a lighting designer, if required. UL-listed, the spec includes flicker free high intensity output, with a color temperature range of […]

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GLP Releases Impression E350 LED Moving Head


GLP has officially launched the impression E350 LED moving head, a new companion to its impression S350. With an LED engine, the fixture will find any type of showcase event or installation with dynamic, articulated lighting as the centerpiece. GLP says it offers flicker free operation, with smooth electronic dimming from 0-100 percent, multiple dimming […]

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GLP Debuts Unique New Fan & Stage Lighting Combo Product


The GLP Force 120 is an industrial, box-style fan that creates a scenic lighting effect (while still being a fan) for live stage performances. Measuring 140x38x140 centimeters, the housing contains a large diameter variable speed fan which can run at speeds as low as 30 rpm, right up to 750 rpm and be able to switch from one extreme to […]

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GLP JDC1 Hybrid LED Strobe Includes Pixel Mapping


GLP’s new JDC1 hybrid LED strobe creates a new class of strobe that goes way beyond the standard definition of a hybrid. Fundamentally, the JDC1 has been designed in three sections, which can be controlled independently or as a complete synchronized unit. The fixture itself contains a traditional single tube element with an incredible clear, bright, white output, derived from […]

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GLP’s New Entry Level X1 Moving Head LED Ships


GLP’s tiny, lightweight and budget-conscious impression X1 is now in production. The X1 marks a departure from other products in GLP’s X range, featuring four high powered, 15-watt RGBW LEDs, with a narrow fixed beam output that offers continuous pan and tilt motion in a compact housing; it’s this continuous motion that gives the product […]

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GLP’s Scenex Lighting Now Has iPad-based Wireless DMX System


GLP US’s Scenex Lighting brand has announced the launch of AirDMX wireless DMX application that runs via an Apple iPad. The hardware for AirDMX consists of a single compact wireless DMX receiver that is mounted by the receiving fixtures. The iPad can then connect over a standard Wi-Fi connection to the wireless receiver for full […]

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SceneX Lighting Introduces LED Tape with Individual Pixel Control


GLP US has just launched a Pixel LED Tape with individual pixel control via DMX as part of its SceneX line of LED products. Used in a wide range of live, scenic and architectural applications, the SceneX range of LED solutions now offers greater control and creative possibilities. The new Pixel LED tape adds individual […]

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GLP Intros LED Spot Fixture, the Volkslicht Spot


GLP’s newest LED-based Spot fixture, the Volkslicht Spot, is based on the company’s impression Spot One but is a smaller, lighter and less expensive version. GLP says the Volkslicht Spot Fixture features a 300-watt RGB LED engine that offers a high output through an optical system with gobo projection, even field distribution and smooth dimming […]

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