GLP Launches New GT-1 Hybrid Light

GT-1-side-right-0316GLP just announced the new GT-1 light — a Spot, Beam and Wash that will be their new flagship model. Using a  470W discharge lamp its high quality optical system produces a beam that features an enormous 22:1 ratio zoom range, from 2.5° to 55°.

In Spot mode the fixture offers a wide range of effects, including CMY color mixing, eight rotating gobos, 14 fixed pattern gobos, additional beam reduction gobos and an interchangeable animation wheel. It also features three different rotating prisms, a fixed color wheel with CTO/CTB filters and a wash effect for softening the beam.

In Beam mode the GT-1 delivers a powerful parallel beam of light at 2.5° through its large 145° diameter front lens, which remains bright and consistent over long distances.

And, it features a unique baseless chassis, built-in wireless DMX control, full 16-bit pan and tilt movement and full range dimming and shuttering capabilities. In addition, the GT-1 has a built-in battery for fixture set-up, an auto-sensing power supply and a low weight of just 25kg.

Here are all the specs.