FX Luminaire Introduces the Luxor CUBE

fx-luminaire-1015FX Luminaire just launched its new new Luxor CUBE, a hardwired module that allows the Luxor controller to zone and dim other brands of low voltage and line voltage light fixtures. In addition to controlling carriage, entry pillar, and holiday or bistro lights, the CUBE even allows control of water feature pumps, automatic gates, and any item with a relay input.

The CUBE was developed so that consumers are not limited to the FX brand of fixtures. Sometimes landscape lighting design is tied to a particular fixture style the homeowner or designer prefers. With the CUBE, Luxor can now control, zone, and dim their own fixtures as well as any low voltage or high voltage outdoor lights from other manufacturers.

Installed via direct burial for low voltage or in a junction box for high voltage, the CUBE creates a zone, and all devices installed in-line after the cube operate as a single group, turning on/off and dimming together. The CUBE brings all outdoor lighting together in one automated system, offering the ultimate in control for residential and commercial applications. The CUBE is available in three models: Low Voltage, High Voltage, and a combined relay and 0-10V.

All the specs are here.