FX Luminaire Debuts Lower-Priced Home Pathway Lighting Solutions


FX Luminaire has added five new midgrade brass fixtures into its product line. The C-UL up light, C-WW wall wash, compact C-PL-4 and larger C-PL-7 path lights, and C-DL down light are all pathway lighting options for clients with modest lighting budgets. The more contemporary fixtures are designed for homes in coastal environments because brass resists corrosion caused by salty air and dissolved […]

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FX Luminaire Announced New SPA LED Path Light for Budget-Conscious Homeowners


Over a decade ago, FX Luminaire introduced a sleek copper-and-brass path light called the SP. Today, the SP remains the industry standard, and its high quality and ubiquity across landscapes is testament to its popularity. Inspired by the beauty, simplicity, and timeless design of the SP, FX Luminaire has developed a sister fixture made of aluminum — aptly named the SPA […]

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FX Luminaire Introduces Copper LED Up Light, Plus Other New Lighting Products


FX Luminaire has announced the release of six new products, including the NR, the company’s first copper LED up light. FX Luminaire says the NR is engineered to withstand coastal conditions and other harsh outdoor environments. Each fixture is compatible with the Luxor system and includes four colored filters (amber, blue, green, and clear frosted) for […]

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FX Luminaire Drop-in LED Lamp Converts Incandescent Fixtures to LED with Luxor Compatibility


FX Luminaire announced the release of the new ZD MR-16, a high-quality drop-in LED lamp that converts incandescent fixtures to energy-efficient LED fixtures. When connected to a Luxor ZD transformer, the ZD MR-16 adds zoning, dimming, and Wi-Fi control capabilities to any brand of low voltage incandescent landscape lighting fixture. The ZD MR-16 is compatible […]

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FX Luminaire Introduces the Luxor CUBE


FX Luminaire just launched its new new Luxor CUBE, a hardwired module that allows the Luxor controller to zone and dim other brands of low voltage and line voltage light fixtures. In addition to controlling carriage, entry pillar, and holiday or bistro lights, the CUBE even allows control of water feature pumps, automatic gates, and […]

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FX Luminaire Introduces Luxor Wireless Lighting Control


FX Luminaire has launched a new Wi-Fi based lighting system called Luxor. Controllable from a smartphone or tablet, Luxor is app-based and and can even manage zoning and dimming on-the-fly adjustments. The Luxor Wi-Fi wireless lighting control system consists of three parts: a Wi-Fi Module that links Luxor ZD controllers to iOS and Android smartphones […]

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