Funding Tools for Digital Signage and Display Solutions


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By Haley Woods

Money is the bottom line when it comes to business transactions. As much as we all want to bring solutions to the market that are the most user-friendly and needs-focused, the elephant in the room is often the budget. We know what we want and what we need, but money — and, by association, timing — can really restrict those plans. Financing a project like a digital signage solution has to coincide with the availability of the materials and services and, most importantly, budgets. The last thing we want is for a project to be delayed or, worse, scrubbed because the funds can’t be worked out.

Capitalizing on Digital Signage Solutions

Sometimes, making the money and the project coincide is a bigger challenge than finding customers. The question is, how can you capitalize on the urgent interest in digital signage and displays? It’s no secret that these solutions are in great demand — from classrooms and retail to displays and projection mapping. Here are just a few reasons why:

  • Digital signage solutions are seen as heroes of the new reality brought to us by a pandemic that required virtual communication in multiple spaces and without contact. Many applications that were once in-person-only are now providing a virtual communication option.
  • Market research reports from Precedence Research and Fortune Business Insights place a global value on the 2021 digital signage market between $16 billion and $19 billion, and predictions of CAGR of between 7% and 11% are common, with surging demand for higher resolution displays and ever-increasing applications across all channels.
  • Digital signage, along with all AV solutions, is recognized as a critical part of the technology ecosystem.
  • While digital signage used to be an afterthought in new construction, it is now being included with much more frequency in new construction plans.

How TD SYNNEX Can Help You and Your Budget

At a time when maintaining inventories can be a challenge and inflation is here, starting a long-awaited project or an urgent one would be a lot easier if crucial variables were more flexible. What do you do when you have an immediate need for a solution with little or no budget available to support it at the time it’s needed? Ideally, you find a partner that can support you both financially and operationally, one that knows your business and helps you with your bottom line.

That partner is us. The merger of Tech Data and SYNNEX in 2021 combined the strengths of both companies, creating an incredible ally to everyone in the channel. TD SYNNEX understands the channel and can help guide your digital signage projects from start to finish while providing you the financial support you need, too. Work with us and your options become pretty limitless.

TD SYNNEX Understands Your World

If you have an immediate need and don’t have the funds to support it or want a turnkey solution, we are here to help. While this type of financing isn’t a new idea, what sets us apart is that TD SYNNEX is born in the channel. We know it; we understand the channel selling motion and we have relationships with vendors and partners, specialists and a whole team to support you. Our merger and the creation of TD SYNNEX Capital give us the largest line card and global coverage, the best financial and field coverage, and the ability to be a true partner.

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As the captive financing arm of TD SYNNEX, TD SYNNEX Capital program across the globe includes:

  • Programmatic and transactional solutions
  • Leasing and financing for the entire TD SYNNEX portfolio
  • Monthly, quarterly, and annual payment structures
  • 12-60 month terms available
  • Large and small transactions
  • 100% software and services financing
  • Application only for deals < $500,000
  • First payment deferments of 30/60/90+ days
  • Subscription financing
  • Managed services solutions
  • Custom vendor and partner programs
  • Private label programs, including embedded terms

This Could be You

While we can’t name names, here’s a real-world example of what we can do:

A prominent university came to us with a need to create a digital signage solution on campus. It wanted to outfit the entire campus with displays over the summer in preparation for the coming school year. It also needed to invest in CMS (content management system) software.

Unfortunately, the budget cycle refreshed annually on July 1. Not only did the projected budget for the year fall short for the full-campus solution, but funds were not set to be available until July 1, a month after they needed to start the project to ensure it would be up and running for the start of the new semester.

We were able to bundle the hardware (displays, mounts, accessories), the CMS system and services (install/deployment) into three annual payments for the customer.

Not only that, we offered this customer a 30-day deferment (we offer up to 90 days), so it could start the project in June and defer paying the annual payments until July when the budget was available. And, even with the payment deferral, the vendors and the partner recognized all payment upfront and TD SYNNEX’s TD SYNNEX Capital took all risk and collection for the customer.

This solution was a win-win for the university, our partners and the students. Working with us meant that they didn’t have to settle for a compromise on a lesser quality or quantity solution.

Give Subscription Financing a Try: Simple, Flexible, Scalable

If you’re an AV integrator, we’ll work with you so you won’t have to worry about figuring out the financials — you can bring opportunities to us and we’ll help find the best options for you.

We have a bevy of financing options, but, as an example, consider subscription financing:

End users can wrap any hardware, software, services and support into a single recurring monthly or annual payment for up to 60 months. Options at the end of the term include returning the equipment for a full refresh and new payment agreement, continuing the subscription monthly, or buying the equipment outright at the fair market price. Customers can add to the contract at any time and co-term their payments. You’ll increase your purchasing power and have predictable monthly costs and flexibility when it comes to new technologies.

Become a Vendor or Reseller

If you’re interested in becoming a vendor or reseller with us, let us know! We have some amazing digital signage vendors. Here’s a special shout-out to 22 Miles, BrightSign, Creative Realities, Epson, Hiperwall, Legrand AV, LG, Panasonic, Samsung, Sharp, Sharp NEC, Sony and ViewSonic. You can’t beat a team like this!

TD SYNNEX VISUALSolv is dedicated to supporting our valued partners in expanding their opportunities in digital signage, UCC and beyond. Reach out to us here for more information on how to leverage opportunities and maximize your value to your customers.