FSR Debuts Two HDMI Accessories

DV-PC2HD_iso_stacked-0414FSR just introduced two new HDMI adapters — the DV-HAS (HDMI audio separator) and the DV-PC2HD (analog PC to HDMI converter).

The DV-HAS is designed to de-embed the stereo audio from an HDMI signal and provide a separate unbalanced line level stereo audio output so that it can be fed to an external sound processor, audio amp, mixers or house sound systems. The DV-HAS is HDCP-compliant and includes a button that when pressed, activates an EDID learning function to easily handle non-standard displays. The video is passed through and can handle resolutions up to 1920×1200 at 60hz.

The DV-PC2HD is an HDMI converter for analog PC signals and stereo audio to HDMI. The signal resolution at the HDMI output is dependent on the analog PC inputs resolution (it’s not a scaler) so it maintains resolution from the analog to digital conversion — it is not HDCP compliant.

You can find the V-HAS here and the DV-PC2HD here.