RTI Ships Whole-House Audio Distribution Systems: AD-4x and AD-8x

ad8x_persp-0414Remote Technologies Incorporated (RTI) is now shipping its next-generation AD-4x and AD-8x audio distribution systems that were announced at CEDIA Expo. The entry-level 4×4 and 8x8p provide switching, amplification and distribution for whole-house or facility-wide audio.

Features include:

  • Built-in Ethernet for two-way control and feedback over the LAN
  • New Web-based interfaces for simple configuration via any Ethernet-enabled device
  • Matrix switching pre-amp
  • Built-in 25 watt-per-channel Cool Power amplifier
  • Four and eight local audio source inputs
  • Two-way control of audio sources
  • Current status information, such as selected source, volume level, and tone control settings available for each zone
  • Pre-outputs for the connection of amplifiers

Up to eight AD-4x and AD-8x units can be stacked for a maximum of 64 output zones. To simplify operation, the units’ Web interface allows multiple zones in a larger room or area to be grouped as a single zone for source selection and volume control. The units can be used for rackmount or free-standing installations. The AD-4x and AD-8x are available now at MSRPs of $899 and $1,799, respectively.

More information is available here.