Free New Report on Fine Pixel Pitch LED Display Technology Available

A new 70-page report about fine pixel pitch LED display technology is now available for free to those working in the digital signage industry. The report, written by respected industry veteran Dave Haynes, founder and editor of Sixteen:Nine, explains not just the technology, but also the marketplace, ecosystem and applications. Haynes put it together over several months and visited factories in Taiwan and China. The report was sponsored by several companies, which are referenced in the report, but it is still vendor-neutral and intended to educate without steering readers to specific conclusions, according to Haynes.

Although there have been numerous LED vendors at trade shows for years, those of you who went to ISE last month in Amsterdam will probably agree that it feels like there has been significant development in LED technology in the past year, particularly as it comes to fine pixel pitch displays and Chip-on-Board (CoB) systems. At the show, we saw fine pixel pitch LED displays being used in new applications, including as a replacement for cinema projectors in a movie theater on Samsung’s stand. No doubt we’ll see some innovative LED display demos at DSE in Las Vegas in a couple weeks as well. It is definitely a technology worth taking a deeper dive into.

The report is free to download after the reader fills out some details. The form page will refresh with a link at the bottom of the post, which the reader needs to click in order to download the report. Click here to go to the download page.