Here is Everything ViewSonic is Showing at ISE 2024


ViewSonic says it is set to unveil its latest advancement in technology under the theme “Unfolding the future of collaboration.” The company says the exhibits are aimed at boosting productivity and transforming the communication dynamics for diverse workplaces at Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) 2024 in Spain from Jan. 30 – Feb. 2.

During ISE 2024, the company says will showcase its diverse range of comprehensive solutions for businesses. This showcase will feature video conferencing solutions for groups and individuals, modern collaborative solutions for group work and flexible large-screen solutions, which include a pioneering customizable All-in-One LED Display.  ViewSonic says these products contribute to creating an effective workspace, “emphasizing simplicity while enhancing the meeting experience, viewing experience and collaboration across various business settings.”

“Amidst the evolving landscape of the ‘workspace,’ companies and employees alike seek more seamless and cost-effective alternatives, minimizing the necessity for unnecessary travel. Therefore, more effective, intuitive and user-friendly solutions are needed,” said Bonny Cheng, COO of ViewSonic. “In response to the requirement, ViewSonic offers versatile, user-friendly hardware and software solutions to enhance virtual workspaces, facilitating seamless communication and collaboration for both in-person and hybrid settings, thereby overcoming the physical barriers to co-working and increasing productivity to meet the evolving demands of modern workers.”

Video Conferencing Solutions: From Shared Spaces to Personal Workstations

To demonstrate the optimized meeting experience in shared spaces, ViewSonic says it will present its new “Meeting Space Solution for Microsoft Teams Rooms” alongside a lineup of touch and non-touch commercial displays at ISE. These displays are available in 105″ and 92″ sizes, all supporting a 21:9 aspect ratio. The company says this wider field of view is particularly beneficial for the “Front Row Mode” in Microsoft Teams Rooms, allowing more remote participants to be displayed side-by-side and improving eye contact. It also enables the simultaneous display of video feeds, content and other meeting elements, such as chat or agendas, creating a more inclusive and engaging meeting experience. For large spaces like auditoriums, the new 110″ ViewBoard interactive display will be exhibited. It comes with a Near-Field Communication (NFC) reader, which the company says can enhance user interaction, convenience, security and adaptability.

For personal videoconferencing, ViewSonic will exhibit the VG2757V-2K, a 27″ webcam docking monitor equipped with Windows Hello and Zoom Certification. It aims to showcase a videoconferencing experience with secure facial recognition, ensuring clear audiovisual performance for personal setups, to provide a “secure, efficient and high-quality videoconferencing experience.”

Enhancing Collaboration: Streamline Communication and Visualize Ideas

To facilitate workplace productivity, ViewSonic will showcase “TeamWork”, a web-based real-time whiteboarding software that it says enables streamlined communication of ideas during projects, ideal for both in-person and remote group work. With its adaptability and compatibility, “TeamWork” offers a variety of templates for instant group annotation, effectively centralizing communication. At ISE, it will be showcased with the 86″ ViewBoard G1 Series, which features ViewSonic’s Android EDLA-certified slot-in PC, aiming at taking productivity and co-creation capabilities further with ‘TeamWork’ and access to Google services and applications.

Flexible Large Screen Solutions: Installation Efficiency and Tailored Viewing Experience

1.26ViewSonicISE2024 2According to ViewSonic, large-format digital displays are valuable tools in enhancing social and communication experiences within business environments, especially in spacious conference and public areas. ViewSonic will debut its latest innovation at ISE – the customizable All-in-One LED Display. The company says this solution meets the varied demands of businesses by offering flexible sizes and aspect ratios while maintaining an All-in-One design for easy installation and operation.

In a stride towards enhancing durability and visual quality, ViewSonic says will showcase the second generation of the LDM series. This series incorporates Glue-on-Board (GOB) technology to safeguard LED modules, ensuring optimal and sustained visual excellence throughout their lifecycle. The foldable 135″ LED display will take the stage. With a pre-assembled and mobile design, it enables swift setup and relocation across various venues, delivering “impactful and engaging presentations” wherever an event takes place.

Environmentally Conscious: Visual Innovations for a Brighter Future

Among the other large-scale visual solutions, ViewSonic’s Luminous Superior Series lamp-free projector lineup will be presented at ISE. These projectors, powered by LED or laser light sources, eliminate the inconvenience and environmental hazards associated with lamp replacements and mercury toxicity, according to the company.  By incorporating energy-efficient light sources, ViewSonic says these products not only achieve a longer lifespan but also deliver up to 6,000 ANSI Lumens brightness.

This sustainable approach extends to the company’s ViewBoard solutions, which adhere to stringent environmental standards and energy conservation criteria, as demonstrated by the recycled materials used in their design and their ENERGY STAR 8.0 certifications. These solutions underscore ViewSonic’s dedication to environmental responsibility, according to the company.