Four Channel Versions of the QSC CX-Q Series Ships, But Eight-Channel Is Delayed

QSC has announced availability of the CX-Q Series four-channel network power amplifiers.

The CX-Q Series network amplifiers utilize a Class-D hybrid powertrain design built upon the PL380 PowerLight amplifier platform, which has been installed in mission-critical installations around the world. They also feature two QSC amplifier innovations — FlexAmp and FAST (Flexible Summing Amplifier Technology) that combine more power distribution options in a single amplifier.

CX-Q Series allows the integrator to choose between “Q” models, with network inputs as well as routable mic/line audio inputs that provide additional on-ramps to the Q-SYS Ecosystem or “Qn” models, that feature only network audio inputs to reduce system cost when additional inputs are unnecessary. In addition, all models are capable of Low Z, 70-volt and 100-volt direct drive.

Eight-channel models of CX-Q Series amplifiers will be available later this year. All of them are here.